From 6th April we can start submitting tax returns, for many of you who are due a tax rebate this should be a high priority in these uncertain times. Therefore, I would like to offer my services at a reduced rate, usually £175.00, reduced to £125.00 to help get you through this tough time.  I believe once you have used my services and can see what I can do for you, you will be a client for life.

Once the complications of face to face meeting during this period due to COVID-19 are over, we can arrange a time to meet face to face, however during this time the majority of communication needs to be conducted via email and telephone

I take a straightforward, nonsense approach with all my clients, in order to keep it as simple as possible, whilst ensuring that the job is completed efficiently.

If you are a new client please complete the New Client Form, so I can gather your personal information and start pulling together a list of what of information will be required and how this can be achieved.